International cosmeticS line

Amane Beauty is an international cosmetics line created to allow every self-identifying woman to be her best self while still feeling comfortable. In a bid to normalize ALL black beauty, they provide a myriad of signature products and services that are aimed at fully representing various personalities and empowering black girls through affordable yet premium quality luxury that is classy and trendy.


Amane Beauty is is a high-end cosmetics brand on a mission to bring luxury to every woman and their lifestyle day by day. Since the beginning, Tracy Amane, the founder & owner of Amane Beauty was always traveling around the world selling her products without an online presence until she realized that she could turn that into a great business opportunity.

Tracy was turning a hobby into a significant business. Amane Beauty had almost no presence online. We had to create a robust eCommerce website, integrate the best apps to convert website visitors and email marketing.

"We wanted to create a personalized space where every woman cOULD feel like they WERE at home, no labels and judgement free."

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Bespoke Creative went in with a full branding and website development consultation and created Amane Beauty brand guidelines. We used Shopify + Webflow to create an eCommerce-ready website, to make it easy for her customers to order products effortlessly.

We also took care of the search engine optimization (SEO), SSL certificate setup, website launch and content entry.


“Working with Jenny and Bespoke Creative has been one of the most pleasurable experiences I’ve ever had. Starting a new business is really stressful so to have someone who is attentive, patient and extremely talented is truly a blessing. Jenny took my ideas and put it together to create a website and look that completely exceeded my expectations. She went above and beyond for me. She even took the time to teach me how to use every part of the website and gave me ideas for how to grow my business and make it better. Every person who has seen the work that she did is immediately blown away (including my clients). I have complete faith in her and will be hiring Jenny for all other upcoming projects. You will not regret working with her.”

"Starting a new business is really stressful so to have someone who is attentive, patient and extremely talented is truly a blessing."